Basic Sniper – 308 WIN, 338 Lapua & .50 cal

This training for individuals and small groups (1-6 persons) is designed to inform students of the basic knowledge required for shooting with a sniper rifle 308 WIN, 338 Lapua & .50 cal.

Course description

This training (2,5 to 3 hrs.) is designed more like cognitive training to get the basic knowledge about the three different calibres of sniper rifles, 308 WIN, 338 Lapua and .50 cal. Training is designed to focus entirely on the safe use of these weapons. Students will shoot with sniper rifles at distances (of 100 to 150 meters). This course is composed of almost 90% practical training. During the training, we will also utilize metal targets.

Includes: weapons, ammunition, targets and protective equipment

Skill Prerequisites and Requirements

The candidate does not have to possess prior firearms experience but must be highly motivated. The minimum age is 14 years. Courses connected with weapons require a statement of a clean criminal record.




370,50 (VAT Included)


3 hours

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  • Safety rules
  • Fundamentals of Sniper shooting
  • Basic Sniper Shooting positions
  • Accuracy basic drills
  • Shooting with sniper rifle / 308 Win – 18 rounds / 6 different drills
  • Shooting with sniper rifle /.50 cal – 3 rounds and 338 Lapua 3 rounds


The course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises. Both the lectures and practical exercises will be conducted on the shooting range. The course will be given with the LYNX TC equipment. When shooting, sound moderators (silencers) are used to muffle the bang and make it more user-friendly.


Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

Weapons: AK50,  HAENEL BTR Pro in Tikka Tactical.

Ammunition: included in the cost of the activity.

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