LYNX PRO Tactical Training Center is placed on the outskirts of the virgin forest of Kocevsko. 45°34'39.9"N 14°55'58.2"E. 35,000 square meters is quite enough for all types of trainings.

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Lynx Training Base


40 meters Tactical Shooting Range

“Luri” is a certified, open tactical shooting range designed for advanced shooting training with pistols and assault rifles. Ranges allow shooting in three different directions.


70 meters Tactical Shooting Range

“Marksman 1” is an open shooting range designed for advanced shooting training with assault rifles. Together with “Marksman 2” this allows you to also train with vehicles.


150 meters Marksman Range

“Marksman 2” is an open medium long shooting range designed for advanced shooting training with assault rifles and basic trainings with sniper rifles. Together with “Marksman 1” these are designed for convoy escort trainings.


Wall for rope techniques 20 meters

The wall for rope training is designed to allow you to use also lethal or nonlethal weapons on a wall. At the same time you can train in multiple tactics.


A military camp

Our military camp is designed for living in all weather conditions. Living in the camp is a realistic experience. Depending on weather, it can be like being in Afghanistan or the north pole.


Wall for breaching techniques

The wall for breaching techniques is designed to allow you to use lethal or nonlethal weapons while you train in breaching techniques. At the same time you can train in multiple tactics. When you breach the doors your CQB team come directly in front of the targets.


Training tower

The training tower is designed to allow you to use lethal or nonlethal weapons while you train in rope techniques. At the same time you can train in multiple tactics. You can use "Fast rope" or other rope technques come directly in front of the targets.


Pistol Shooting Range

Covered pistol shooting range is a certified civilian open shooting range built to perform shooting primarily with a pistol at distances, up to a maximum of 17 meters. It allows simultaneous shooting in 2 different directions. It has 10 shooting stands.


Shooting range for metal targets

Part of the central shooting range is built to allow the use of metal targets placed there. Targets can also be shot from a distance of up to 25 meters. The minimum safety distance is 7 meters.

Lynx Sniper Zone - a range of 1000 meters

We use multiple sniper ranges some up to 1000 meters, depend of purpose.

Location: Slovenia

Lynx Rope Walls

Wall for rope techniques 50 meters

One kilometer out from the training center in the middle of the forest is our 50-meter-high wall for rope techniques. This area allows us to train in multiple rope technique like ropeways, crossing the canyon, etc.

Lynx Para Commando Airport

Novi Lazi, Kočevje, Slovenia EU

The airfield Novi Lazi is the base of the airplane club Kočevje. The club started operating in 1995. The runway is longer than 400 meters and is enough to land and take off with a plane like the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter, which we use for our parachute activities.

Lynx Forest Zone

The all-wooded area of Kočevje.

The Kočevska region is well-known for its magnificent forests. Many caves, Karst springs, lookouts, tree giants and a hidden animal world offer us the best options for tactical training. Even Slovenian Special Forces use this area for such training.

Lynx Complex

Lynx Complex

Lynx complex is usually a starting point before we begin training in the field. It includes a lecture hall, martial arts gym, fitness gym, armory and administrative offices.

Lynx HQ

Lynx HQ is located on Tomsiceva cesta 13 in Kočevje where we also perform certain activities that are part of some of the courses.


Our armory has very important facilities which include the entire LYNX PRO equipment with regard to weapon and ammunition. It has separated access and it is fully protected. Weapons and ammunition must be kept in a proper place, so even if students will use their own weapons and ammunition they will be safely stored.

A martial arts gym

Our martial arts gym is 150m2 with Tatami mats (Danhro). In Dojo around 30 students can train at the same time. Dojo has very good visibility and of course air conditioning. For proper training we have also blue guns, rubber knifes, sticks etc.

Lecture hall

Effective training must combine theory and practice. Our lecture halls for theory class may hold 18 persons. In the training center we have two lecture halls fully equipped for teaching, with white boards, projectors, Wi-Fi, etc. For us, comfort is necessary, so all students have access to drink and coffee.

A fitness gym

Lynx Fitness gym offers a place with various workout training devices. Here our students can prepare themselves for good physical condition, which is very important for training in the field.


The diving base “Kornati Diving” is located on Dugi Otok, in the village of Zaglav on the southern part of the island. Twenty-five minutes away from Barbišćica, Mežanj and one hour away from the Nature Park Telašćica and the National Park Kornati. With Kornati diving we can arrange all types of diving.

The practical training can also take place at Lake Resko.