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Our Training center has been present for over 10 years on the market. We make the most of all our students. You can get any tactical knowledge with Us.

IBS Group Ltd. is licensed to provide different tactical training courses. We provide also security services with our parent company IBS Security Ltd, founded 2003.

We wish to present that our training center provide also courses connected with Special Forces tactics, like CQB, sniper tactics, combat medic, combat survival, parachuting, etc.

In the pass we successful finished such course for many government and non-government organizations,  majority for clients from Africa.

We also provided all necessary tactical equipment for modern SF member including weapons. From 2015 we are also SIA Approwed provider, CPL Level 3 – BTEC Centre No. 97090




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Realized courses



Dalibor Debartoli


In 1993 he graduated from the Police School. While serving with the police he worked in the following police units; Protection Police unit, General Police Directorate, Sector for Special Operations, Unit for Organized Crime and finally, before he left the police, in the Bureau for Security and Protection.

He also worked as the underwater military specialist in the Special Forces – 1. Special brigade, MORiS. On 1 November 2007 he took over the tasks of the Managing Director in the security company IBS Security Ltd. He is a specialist for roping, diving, cavering[MaLS1] , shooting, martial arts (5. dan in Jujutsu), etc.

Toni Baznik


His career in the professional army started in 1991, where he started as a part of a military police counter terrorism unit. He was also present in the Slovenian independence war. After that he became a Sergeant in a Recon unit (LRRT), where he was making selection courses of extreme survival in Norway and parachute training in Belgium.

In 2005 he was deployed in Afghanistan (ISAF) where he was in direct contact. After 16 years of serving he started working in the private sector. At the moment he is working in IBS as an Instructor of survival, parachuting, long and short barrel weapons, tactics for special operations and as a bodyguard (SIA license). Bazo run also his own company for survival in nature. Found more about him on LINK.

Bostjan Mihelic


His specialty is scuba diving. He started diving in the 90s with the CMAS (Comité des Sports Sous-Marins). There he achieved the 4* scuba diving degree. Later he started with technical diving with the PSS organization – Professional Scuba School and later on with cave diving. For over 10 years he has been an active member of the underwater rescue service of Slovenia.

Besides diving, his activities are caving, parachuting and tactical shooting. He has mastered rope and multiple weapons techniques. However, he gives emphasis to scuba diving, with the school PSS, where he is a Scuba Diving Instructor.

Boris Potušek


He began his career in the police force 1987 – at police stations with various fields of work. In 1991 he took an active part in the Slovenian War of Independence. In 1996, he became a member of the Special Police Unit. Initially, he worked in the strike unit ‘A’ for many years, but in 2007 he became a sniper in order to upgrade his specific knowledge. He perfected his knowledge and skills in sniping in his individual training in the unit and in international workshops of special units of the European Union. He also actively participated in the ATLAS – Sniper Steering Committee.

During his time in the Special Unit, he performed work and tasks in the field of the fight against terrorism and the arrest of the perpetrators of the most serious crimes, and he also repeatedly protected the highest foreign and domestic political representatives. Among others, he also collaborated with members of the American ‘Secret Service’ and the Russian FSO. From 2013 to 2021 he was the head of snipers of the Special Unit, and until his retirement in 2022 he was also the head – instructor of snipers of the Special Police Unit.


Damir Podnar


Started diving in 1984, professional carier started in 1996. 20 years of experience in diving education, from  beginers to Instructor levels.  Team leader of tehnical diving team in Slovenian Ministry of Defence – Civil protection, Head of diving education program for PSS association in Adriatic area, Instructor in training centre for Civil Protection and disaster relief Ig, Instructor  of Croatian Olimpic Academy and  instructor for courses held in Croatian Navy Diving training center (courses for Navy divers and Croatian special forces), Diving instructor in Regional diving center for Divers Training and underwater demining (RCUD), Diving instructor  in Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

Aljosa Arzensek


His specialty is communications. During his period in SOF he passed through different training with US SOF and the Slovenian Police SOF. His skills are freefall parachuting, scuba diving, direct actions, combat search and rescue, tactical procedures using fast rope and rappel, forward air controller, VIP Protection and Tactics, Combat Convoys, Advanced Breacher, KEMPO Arnis Tactical, NATO SOF Technical Exploitation Operations, UHF Tac Sat Radio Operator, Crypto Custodian. He is qualified in various weapons systems and explosive devices.

He was deployed in Lebanon and Chad where he worked as an SOF operator inside 2nd Battle Groupe. He received several medals during his service in the Slovenian Army. Because he was looking for new challenges in his career, he left the army and start working as a private contractor. He spent 3 years and 6 months in Afghanistan and 6 months in Somalia, where he worked for Garda World as a Close Protection Officer and had many combat experiences.

Aljaz Stemberger


Aljaž is a trainer, instructor and innovator. He has been working as a sports professional and an instructor for more than 25 years. When he was only 15 years old he already managed his own martial arts club. Aljaž competed in different martial arts until the age of 35 and for the last 20 years he’s been running his own workout center in Kočevje, Slovenia. He trained several professional athletes as a part of their preparation or injury recovery. Due to his own injuries he dedicated his work to correct execution of exercises by intensively studying human anatomy. His goal is to make effective exercises with minimum risk of injuries.

David Bačnar


He is a technician for electrical machines with applied computer engineering, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (univ. bacc. ing. el.) and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering (mag. ing. el.). He is a founding member, technician and operator of the professional organisation of citizens emergency network (RMZO) in Croatia. He is a member of the civil protection (ICT module) of the directorate of civil protection (CZ) under the Ministry of internal affairs of Croatia (MUP).

He is a licensed P class radio amateur and a guest lecturer at: I.B.A. (International Bodyguard Association) for Croatia and the Balkans, I.B.S. (International Bodyguard Service) Slovenia and LYNX PRO Slovenia in the fields of radio communications and ESD (electronic surveillance devices).

Aljoša Lajbaher


Aljoša Lajbaher has an extensive tactical and medical background honed throughout more than a dozen years of military service, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
Multiple military deployments from Bosnia to Afghanistan brought great privilege and value of a medical skill-set upon himself and fellow soldiers on the battlefield, as both, force multiplier and source of psychological consolation in critical times during missions. This understanding fostered a sense of duty and commitment that is at the heart of his passion for tactical emergency medicine.
After 20 years of distinguished military career, Aljoša moved to civilian environment where he challenged himself by working with local ambulance rescue center.

Danny Clarkson


Shihan Clarkson studied for 30 years, under the same Sensei until receiving 7th Dan and a Menkyo from his long-standing teacher. Through the devotion to his studies our Shihan was honored to be invited to attend numerous training sessions with martial art masters, including Hatsumi Masaaki, Tanaka Fumon, and Gerry Hobbs. Today, Shihan Clarkson is the Soke (head) of Sakura AikiJutsu, and has dojos in the UK, Ireland and Eastern Europe. Shihan Clarkson has formed a network of devoted students who follow his example of dedicated learning to ensure the high standards of teaching throughout every Sakura Dojo.

Primoz Velikonja


In addition to completing a health degree, he has been active as a medic ever since he left high school, obtaining his first position in the Ljubljana University Clinical Centre Emergency Service. After a couple of years there he took on the role as the leader of the shift, managing one of 4 teams, in charge of field-support, responding to demanding location situations. He completed a university degree while working.

In 2006 he took over a position with the Kočevje Emergency Service, still being on hand for field-work, managing a team of 15 people. He also conducts internal training and education programs, especially for the ERC courses. He is a qualified motorcycle medic, for vital injuries, or for injury assessments, having access and maintaining all necessary equipment for such responses. He was a founding member of the very first Helicopter Emergency Medical Service in Slovenia, a position in which he remained for four years, and which is now fully functional in our country. He is also an approved FPOS L4 Extended instructor.

Crt Slavec


Črt Slavec has been actively involved in many sports since early childhood. His primary sport is ice hockey where all aspects of physical preparation are essential. Strength, speed, coordination and endurance. Combining 34 years of training professionally with extensive knowledge acquired in Germany under Fit Team Personal Training Academy and many years of experience training high level clients, professional athletes and military personnel in Europe and Middle East. He specialises in functional training with minimalistic and improvised equipment.