Taikai – Sakura Ryu Aikijutsu

This half a day course is designed to develop basic self-defense skills for the candidates who wish to get the knowledge.

Course description

The 5-hour course based on Sakura AikiJutsu. Sakura AikiJutsu was founded through the desire of Shihan Danny Clarkson to expand on the skills learned over a lifetime of study. Shihan Clarkson has devoted his life to studying various forms of martial arts, boxing, Kung Fu, until eventually finding an art that had the depth and breadth to maintain his focus and fascination for a lifetime. Shihan Clarkson found his home in the dojo of traditional Japanese JuJutsu. On Taikai course candidates will get useful self-defense techniques directly from Shihan Danny Clarkson

Includes: drink

Skill prerequisites and Requirements

Most importantly, students must have MOTIVATION. The candidate does not have to possess prior experience with the self-defense.



60,00 (VAT Included)


1 day

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  • Movements
  • Fall breaking techniques
  • Punches and kicks
  • Throws and Locking
  • Pressure points
  • Techniques against an unarmed attacker
  • Techniques against an armed attacker


The course is 5 hours long.


Kimono with Hakama or clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

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