Safe weapon handlig – Theoretical exam

The examination before the examination commission is designed in such a way that the participant demonstrates the prescribed knowledge (Rules on the Program and Manner of Conducting the Weapon Knowledge Test) through the examination (the test is harmonized with the Weapons Act No. ZOro-1NPB3, Article 19).

Exam description

The exam consists of three parts. The first part is taking a written test lasting 45 minutes. Most of the questions are for circling A, B, C, where the candidate circles the correct answer. However, some questions are also descriptive, the latter having more weight. If the candidate is successful in the written work (at least 45 out of 60 possible points), he / she participates in the oral defense, where he / she receives 3 to 4 questions related mainly to the procedures for purchasing weapons, security at the shooting range and the like. If he is also successful in the oral part, he also takes part in practical work, where it is a matter of knowing weapons and ammunition and safe handling of the latter.

Includes: issuance of a certificate of successful completion of the examination.

Skill prerequisites and Requirements

The candidate must have previously completed the training of safe handling of firearms, which is a condition for taking the exam.



from 99,00 (VAT Included)


2 hours

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Written and oral parts:

  • Knowledge of safety rules
  • Knowledge of the basics of gun shooting
  • Knowledge of weapons legislation
  • Knowledge of Criminal Law
  • Knowledge of the basics of first aid

Practical parts:

  • Knowing the operation of different weapons
  • Knowledge of safe handling of weapons
  • Knowledge of safety rules
  • Knowledge of ammunition


The exam starts at 17:00 and is held in the classroom at Tomšičeva cesta 13 in Kočevje. First the written part, followed by the oral and practical part.


In case the candidate does not succeed in the written or oral part, he / she must repeat the exam in full. In case he is not successful only in the practical part, he repeats only the practical part of the exam. We have issued decision no. 2161-10 / 2017/27 for the implementation of training on the handling of weapons.

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