Rope techniques Basic L1 Individual Course

This course for individuals and small groups (1-10 persons) is designed to develop intermediate rope skills for candidates who wish to get the knowledge and confidence to overcome different verticals.

Course description

The rope techniques course will give you knowledge that will be useful in situations when you must overcome different verticals: in the mountains, out of the buildings, in caves, etc. Instructors will teach you how to do this with sophisticated equipment and also just with rope and one carabiner.

Includes: all necessary equipment

Skill prerequisites and Requirements

Most importantly, students must have MOTIVATION. The candidate does not have to possess prior experience with rope skills.




275,50 (VAT Included)


1 day

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  • Scene safety (helmets, harnesses, etc.)
  • Rope – static & dynamics
  • Carbines
  • Knots
  • Overcome verticals down with rope (Carabiner, Bowline, and Half Hitch)
  • Overcome verticals up with rope (Carabiner, Prusik knot)
  • Overcome verticals down with Figure 8 descender or belay/rappel
  • Self-safety with Asymmetric double lanyard – Belay
  • Overcome verticals down with descenders
  • Overcome verticals up with ascenders
  • Overcome anchorages in directions up and down
  • Training on 15- meters high training tower and a 20-meter-high wall


The course theory and practice together is 10 hours. This is followed by the practical exam.


Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

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