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Combat Survival L4 Course

This course is designed to develop advanced survival skills in a military way.

Course description

On this 24/5 survival course we will teach you in a military way how to survive in nature with minimal equipment in different stressful situations. We will teach you how to deal with fear, with fatigue, coldness and how to build a strong team which will help you to overcome mentioned obstacles. This course full of team spirit can be your lifetime experience. Courses are designed for all who wish to learn practical skills which are necessary to help you survive in nature.

Includes:  survival full accommodation

Skill prerequisites and Requirements

Most importantly, students must have MOTIVATION. The candidate does not have to possess prior experience with the survival.



590€ (VAT Included)


5 days

Next free term

13 October 2020 17 October 2020


  • Learning about survival equipment
  • Bivouac-making basics
  • Learning about plants and all about water
  • Conservation of food with smoke and salt
  • Preparing food and beverages
  • Pathfinders skills
  • Making tools and weapons in a primitive way
  • Hunting and use of animal feeding stuffs
  • Production of traps
  • Netting and firing fire in a primitive way
  • Signaling and communications
  • Acting in a stressful situation
  • Operation as a team
  • Basics of orientation (compass and GPS)
  • Crossing the river and different verticals
  • All movements will be done by using SUT
  • Combat first aid


The course is 24/5 and will be carried out in the wilderness and in the training center.


Tactical belt, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions, backpack 60L or more, sleeping bag and motivation.

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