AMOK Situation Full Course L3

This 3 days course is designed to develop advanced skills for candidates who wish to use firearms in an AMOK situation. The course is focused on an AMOK situation in an open field while using vehicles and enclosed spaces (buildings, houses, etc.).

Course description

The AMOK means an insane, violent and hopeless act. The perpetrator commits acts of murder by directing aggression towards people, animals and things. The AMOK situation is unpredictable and can take place wherever and whenever (school, shopping mall, street, etc.). No country is safe from it. We can just be prepared.

The 3 day course is designed to develop skills for the student who uses a firearm in an AMOK situation in an open field while using vehicles and enclosed spaces (buildings, houses, etc.). Candidates will practice skills that will reduce reaction time, increase shooting time with a higher degree of accuracy, and increase confidence with a carbine and pistol in an AMOK situation in enclosed spaces (buildings, houses, etc.).

Students will leave with a good understanding of the AMOK situation and how to react in such a situation. This course will be aimed at pair work while using the vehicle in buildings, etc.

Skill prerequisites and Requirements

The candidate must have previous experience with firearms (LYNX PRO Carbine L1 Course and Pistol L1 Course, or equivalent Courses connected with weapons). Participants must sign a statement that they have a clean criminal record.

Logistic information

In this PDF document, you can find all necessary logistical information about possible accommodations, transportation, and locations (Lynx office and Lynx Camp).



797,00 (VAT Included)


3 days

Next free term

5 September 2024 7 September 2024

Topics – Day 1

  • AMOK situations
  • Profile of the perpetrator
  • Evacuation of civilians
  • Legal basis for responding
  • Safety rules
  • Gear preparation (plate carrier, pouches)
  • Advance Tactical shooting principles
  • Moving while shooting in pairs
  • Protecting buddy (jam, reloading, wounded..)
  • Using covers and barricades
  • Active shooter situation survival
  • Detention of the offender
  • AMOK Scenario playing with nonlethal ammo (MTX, FX)

Topics – Day 2

  • Advance Tactical shooting principles
  • Basic Protective Driving
  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
  • Weapons drills (carry inside the vehicle, shooting through glass, ballistic…)
  • Use of Cover – vehicle
  • Anti-Ambush drills
  • Moving around the vehicle while shooting in pairs
  • Active shooter situation survival
  • Vehicle AMOK Scenario playing with nonlethal ammo (MTX, FX)

Topics – Day 3

  • Advance Tactical shooting principles
  • Principles (surprise, speed, aggression)
  • Weapons transition
  • Tape drills (2 men stack)
  • Targets and threats identification
  • Immediate threats
  • Entry points
  • 7 Fundamentals of RC
  • Points of domination and  Clear a single room
  • AMOK Scenario playing in buildings with nonlethal ammo (MTX, FX)


The course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises. The lectures will be conducted in the classroom and on the shooting range. The course will be given with the LYNX TC equipment.


Tactical equipment (tactical belt, platte carrier..) and clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

Weapons: Stryker pistols and tactical rifles

Ammunition: Included in the cost of the course.

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